Nice things are being said about my services which makes me want to help more people better their lives.
“I have known Brad for almost a decade now. During this time I have been able to witness first hand his pursuit of knowledge in a constant effort to improve his skills. Many are content to just get by on what they know, but not Brad. He is always looking to further his skills and become better. I commend his effort, passion, and dedication to his craft. If Brad can’t get you an answer, he will seek it out for you in record time. You will be in good hands”

- Dr. Mike N.
"Top Notch Fitness and proprietor owner, Brad Ellingson, has been a phenomenal asset to Orthology. Mr. Ellingson’s goal aligns with Orthology’s overall philosophy in the wellness space…Get people Better…Faster. His passion to improve the health and life of individuals through health and fitness is exemplary. As a personal trainer and fitness coach it is clear his messaging is to make sure you are living your life to its fullest. If you want to lose weight, get toned, or simply stay fit Mr. Ellingson has the right tools and knowledge to make that happen."

Dwight D.
Director of Relationship Development
"Top Notch has provided professional education, training, inspiration and support to get my mind focused on becoming physically healthy. Brad has been by my side every step of the way helping me overcome my past mental weaknesses. If you’re serious about gaining control of your physical and mental health, I highly recommend Brad Ellingson and Top Notch."

Paul M.
Advanced First-Aid, Inc., AED Sales, Service & Training